Läst 604 ggr
2008-02-21, 13:28

Nu går skam på torra land!! Stulen kattunge!

Fick detta meddelande på mail. Man vill ha hjälp att sprida informationen och tänkte att det går snabbast så här:

Hi All It is with regret to have to write this email. Firoza and Na'il Davies of Jotunkatts Norwegian Forest Cats  in Leicester UK has had a 4 month old Norwegian Forest Cat  kitten Stolen from their cat garden last night between the hours of 18.30 hrs and 21.30 hours. The mesh of the cat run is double layered and both layers were cut. The kittens name is Jotunkatts Intrigue (female) who is a 4 month old Black Tortie Spotted Tabby & White   Please visit Firoza and Na'ils website and have a good look or indeed take some pictures from the site at this young girl. If anyone has heard anything or been offered or indeed offered in the future this baby please contact Firoza and Na'il immediately by email   telephone Tel : +44 (0)116 220 3140

Bifogar också 2 bilder på kattungen. Fler finns på deras hemsida.


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